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Coming  together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

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Are You Becoming a Commodity? 

The US federal government alone spends over 1 trillion dollars in contracts and grants awards each year on hundreds of thousands of government contractors, systems integrators and management consultants. With so many companies bidding for government work with little to no differentiation between their brand and services many are starting to look like commodity as is evident in the lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) government selection criteria. Commoditization not only impacts your company’s brand but also its revenue generation potential and profitability. GOVonomy’s “transformative solutioneering” service is an effective and efficient way to drive your company’s brand from “commodity” to “premium” by integrating disruptive technologies focused services for transformative solutioneering.

Transformative Solutioneering:

GOVonomy is an unique consortium of growing “transformative” Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products and platforms from startups and high growth companies. GOVonomy partners with systems integrators, IT contractors, and management consultants (SI’s) to help them integrate such transformative COTS  technologies into their solution offerings. Integrating transformative COTS products enables faster deployment of systems, making them more affordable and easier to maintain/upgrade while simultaneously creating an innovative and differentiated solution for the end clients – the governments! GOVonomy’s ecosystem is therefore comprised of  three communities. The first are the end-clients, which are typically government agencies. The second are the transformative technology suppliers who are part of the GOVonomy’s startup and high growth portfolio companies. The third are the system integration, IT contracting and management-consulting firms which act as GOVonomy’s integration partners.

Co-Founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ty Gabriel, and award winning Federal Department of Transportation CIO Nitin Pradhan, and based out of the tech hubs of San Francisco and Northern Virginia, GOVonomy currently has a portfolio of 40+ innovative COTS tech supplier companies and is evaluating an additional 30+ from global tech hubs based on needs of end customers. GOVonomy expects to grow this portfolio to 100+ prequalified transformative COTS companies within the next 1-2 years.

Teaming with Systems Integrators:

Integrating appropriate  transformative COTS products and platforms is key to successful SI’s growth in today’s hyper competitive LPTA marketplace. Most SI’s have a limited reach into the high tech communities  like Silicon Valley, Boston and New York.  Similarly, smaller high growth tech companies have little reach into the SI marketplace. GOVonomy bridges this gap between the SI’s needs for transformative COTS products or platforms for integration and high growth transformative companies interested in utilizing SI’s as channel partners. Through a single teaming agreement, GOVonomy acts as a force multiplier for System Integration companies, enabling them to have clear vectors of differentiation within the crowded commodity government contracting marketplace with immediate access to pre-vetted and continually growing evergreen consortium of transformative COTS products and platforms for integration.

Teaming Process:

1. Locate Specific Opportunity
The SI locates specific IDIQ / Task Order / RFP / Grant or incumbent opportunity where they have expertise, past experience and potential winning possibilities.
2. Contact GOVonomy
SI contacts GOVonomy using the form below, then both parties sign a mutual NDA and review this opportunity to explore what specific GOVonomy transformative products / platforms can be integrated in the proposed solution to improve chances of winning (faster, better, cheaper, more secure widget).
3. Sign Teaming Agreement
If there is mutual interest to pursue the opportunity jointly, then the SI signs the GOVonomy Teaming Agreement to access the GOVonomy’s transformative technologies portfolio companies for integrating into the proposed solution.
4. Transformative Solutioneering
GOVonomy acts as the catalyst working with its transformative startups and high growth companies and the SI to provide one stop technical information, demonstrations, pricing and customer information of all appropriate technologies for solutioneering and proposal writing.
5. Subcontracting Arrangement
The SI submits the proposal; on winning the proposal the SI and GOVonomy convert the teaming agreement into a subcontracting arrangement whereby GOVonomy becomes the subcontractor for the SI for the specific opportunity.
6. Integrate COTS Products
The SI works closely with GOVonomy and its startups and high growth companies to integrate the appropriate technologies into the proposed solution for the client. The client pays the SI and the SI pays GOVonomy which continues to act as the catalyst for “transformative” Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products and platforms from startups and high growth companies who typically do not do business with the government.
7. Continuous Transformation
GOVonomy and the SI may also arrange demonstrations, pilots and training sessions for government employees and contractors as needed to help them understand the strategic and disruptive transformation capable with innovative COTS technologies.


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