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You Can Transform Our Government!

Startups and growth companies — do you build transformative commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology products, platforms or productized services applicable to the US government marketplace? If so, join the GOVonomy consortium to target the world’s largest customer and the trillion dollars marketplace! GOVonomy, with presence in the west and east coast tech hubs of Silicon Valley, California and Reston, Virginia, focuses on solving recurring public sector problems, challenges and opportunities  with “transformative” and “disruptive” products, platforms and productized services from technology startups and high growth companies like YOU!

Transformative Solutioneering:

GOVonomy is an unique consortium of growing “transformative” Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) startup and growth supplier companies. GOVonomy partners with systems integrators, IT contractors, and management consultants (SI’s) to help them integrate such transformative technologies into their solution offerings. Integrating transformative products enables faster deployment of systems, making them more affordable and easier to maintain/upgrade while simultaneously creating an innovative and differentiated solution for the end government clients!

Co-Founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ty Gabriel, and award winning Federal Department of Transportation CIO Nitin Pradhan, GOVonomy currently has a portfolio of 40+ innovative tech startup and growth supplier companies and is evaluating an additional 30+ from global tech hubs based on needs of end government customers. GOVonomy expects to grow this portfolio to 100+ prequalified, differentiated, transformative OEM COTS companies within the next 1-2 years.

GOVonomy’s Ecosystem:

GOVonomy’s ecosystem is comprised of  three communities. The first are the end-clients, which are typically US federal, state and local government agencies. The second are the transformative technology startup and growth supplier portfolio companies. The third are the system integration, IT contracting and management-consulting firms which act as GOVonomy’s integration partners.

GOVonomy’s Methodology:

GOVonomy essentially acts as the catalyst helping arrange introductions, strategic discussions, demonstrations, and pilots for portfolio startup and growth supplier transformative technologies for quick understanding, education, training, innovation, purchasing, and integration into existing, new and future systems by public sector customers. GOVonomy also partners with systems integrators and management consultants to help them learn, understand and integrate such transformative products into their offerings and services for end customers.

Ready for Selling to the Government?

Our past experience indicates that disruptive startups and growth companies that do well in the government have the following qualities:

  1. They have very clear use cases for the government that can be explained easily and be understood by the government quickly.
  2. Their product or platform is ready, secure, tested, deployed and successful in private sector and is gaining traction.
  3. They can help the government do existing work faster, better and cheaper. In general, they are game changers!
  4. They have received at least one round of venture funding and have available resources to execute government orders.
  5. They are flexible in working with government and are willing to accept the government procurement rules (aka FAR).
  6. They have the certifications or are willing to secure the certifications for cybersecurity and safety sometimes desired by the government.

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Join Our Consortium!

If you believe you have a transformative COTS product, platform or service that the public sector ecosystem can benefit from, then let us help you grow – do contact us by carefully filling in the information below so we can onboard you on to the Program! This information will be used to create the catalogue page for your  company/product. Here is an example of the finished/published product.

  • What are the problems the company is addressing? Explain with its size, scope, and market verticals if any?
  • How is this problem being addressed by competition today? Why are these current solutions in the marketplace inefficient or ineffective?
  • Why and how is your solution different? Discuss the transformative nature of the technology. Explain why is it better and what results can customers expect?
  • List the top ten features in bullets about your product or platform that you would like your prospects to know.
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  • Describe 3-5 use cases for federal, state, or local government and educational institutions including the interactions between a role (actor) and a system, to achieve a goal. The actor can be a human, an external system, or time based. Each use case should not be more than 2-3 sentences.
  • List the names of companies and their products your product can replace or competes effectively. This information will be used for internal GOVonomy purpose.
  • List key words that describe your technology.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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