First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.

Napoleon Hill

Author, Think and Grow Rich

Why Transform Governments?

In today’s fast paced world,  governments’ top leadership expects continued strong results and performance. The government organization’s middle management however routinely gets bogged down in operations, maintenance and ever increasing bureaucratic reporting and more often than not, is unable to deliver to expectations. Its vendors, contractors and suppliers provide little assistance as their focus is on selling commodity goods and services which do not keep pace with the disruptive changes happening around the private industry. This fundamental mismatch results in stagnant growth, outdated capabilities and mediocre capacity for the government organizations. Public value from government diminishes and citizens start losing faith in their governments.

Transformation as a Service for Governments:

GOVonomy’s government transformation program is distinctive. The program, created by the former award winning CIO of US Department of Transformation (US DOT) Mr. Nitin Pradhan, is a systematic process that delivers continuous organizational change in government agencies through “Transformation as a Service (TaaS)” utilizing transformative technologies. TaaS is focused on solving recurring public sector problems with prequalified, “transformative” technology products, platforms and productized services. TaaS helps arrange continuous  introductions, strategic discussions, demonstrations, and pilots for such transformative technologies for quick understanding, education, training, innovation, discounted purchasing, and integration into existing, new and future systems by federal, state and local governments. TaaS singularly focuses on “continuous” transformation through brainstorming, innovation, excitement and collaboration around relevant opportunities. Innovation creates excitement, collaboration creates opportunities and the combination on a continuous basis creates the dynamic, “can do” entrepreneurial culture leading to rapid government employee and contractor transformation and positive results. The TaaS process is simple, easy to understand, quick to implement, cost effective, scalable and demonstrated to deliver results for federal, state and local governments.

TaaS Vectors of Differentiation:

The Transformation as a Service program is unique in helping deliver transformation and modernization to governments effectively and efficiently:

Problem Centric Transformation
TaaS is centered around addressing specific, targeted opportunities facing government organizations, so there is a clear understanding for TaaS audience of the need or purpose for this transformation. Common problems create cooperative solutions. These are unlike typical business transformation initiatives that target broad agenda like improving organizational efficiency and are nebulous for government employees to understand and agree.
Technology Centric Solutions
TaaS program continuously introduces transformative technologies as a means for change and does not directly target government employee or contractor sensitive issues like reorganization, attrition or layoffs. This process enables the government organization to change its existing culture into an entrepreneurial, “let’s get things done”, dynamic culture with no undue stress.
COTS Integration
TaaS recognizes the fact that integrating transformative “Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)” products and platforms in existing, new or future systems enables faster deployment of systems, makes them cheaper to buy and easier to maintain / upgrade. Thus, TaaS accelerates government business modernization economically and efficiently.
High Growth Smaller Companies
TaaS is focused on solving recurring problems with “transformative” technology products and platforms from smart, innovative, smaller, high growth companies. Typically, these companies have limited marketing reach and therefore are unknown to most government organizations.
Strategic Transformation
Strategic transformation is defined as change the government organization is actively pursuing or wants. TaaS accelerates strategic transformation by introducing complementary transformative technologies that the government organization may need but is likely not aware off. This additional transformative technology driven perspective for change enables internal collaborative transformation due to exposure to external disruptive viewpoints.
Disruptive Transformation
Disruptive transformation is defined as change that is forced on to the government organization or which blindsides the organization. Disruptive transformation can be catastrophic to the organization’s health. TaaS – through its continued exposure to transformative technology – can act as a catalyst for disruptive learning, shielding the government organization from catastrophic shocks though disruptive technologies.
Cost effective, Scalable Delivery
Let’s face the realities of today: no one in the government is interested in reading more emails or reports. Neither do government employees have the time or patience for business travel for training, let alone the cost involved in mass employee education. Therefore, TaaS delivers it’s learning though HD Internet Video Broadcasts that government employees can view live or on demand anytime, anywhere.

Transformation as a Service Ecosystem:

The Transformation as a Service program is comprised of four pillars. The first is the end client who is typically a public or federal, state or local government agency. The second is the transformative technology supplier – who is part of the GOVonomy consortium – which enables disruptive learning. The third are the system integration, contracting and management-consulting firms who can act as transformation and integration partners of GOVonomy. Finally, TaaS has the state of the art HD Video broadcasting system for delivery of anytime, anywhere disruptive learning.

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